Unity Acquires Collaboration Tool SyncSketch

Unity has aquired SyncSketch, the creator of real-time collaboration tools that allow its users to work together remotely, for an undisclosed amount. It was stated by the engine maker that this deal will provide their community of creators with more productivity tools, also adding that SyncSketch is “laser-focused on serving artists.”

SyncSketch is an art tool that allows for multiple uses to share 2D imagery, video, 3D models, and more. It also allows each user to toy with lighting as well as add notes, and share feedback in real-time. This allows collaborators on a project to quickly share their information, which should streamline the creative process in a meaningful way.

The collaboration tool has previously been used by unity, as well as other big named companies in the industry such as Frontier Developments as well as Activision Blizzard.  It is unclear if after this purchase the tool will be implemented into Unity for use, or if it will continue to be independently operated, with some form of streamlining of the tool offered to Unity users.

In a statement from a Unity blog post, it was said:

We are on a mission to enable creativity anywhere and on any device. We believe that it should be effortless for people to invent, share, understand, and build on great ideas together. That’s why we’re so proud to announce that the SyncSketch team is joining Unity. The platform facilitates natural visual communication that lets creators focus on what they’re making rather than where they’re making it.

This is another movie from the engine developers to bring new functionality into the Unity engine. Earlier this year Unity purchased the New Zealand visual effect juggernaut Weta Digital for $1.63. Weta was co-founded 30 years ago by director Peter Jackson, who went on to worldwide fame for directing The Lord of The Rings trilogy.

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