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Undefeated is a Superhero Game Made by Three Students

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Sometimes hundreds of game developers gather around to make a great game but they fail badly, but sometimes just three teenagers sit behind their computers and create something unbelievably good. Undefeated is a game from the latter group.

Published as a free game on Steam, Undefeated is an open-world third-person action game in which you’re playing as a black-wearing superhero who’s not officially Superman but has been inspired by DC’s famous character. You can freely marvel at the city by flying over the buildings and patrolling to remove all threats. There will be some challenge quests as well as boss fights within the game. completing every mission successfully will allow you to upgrade your superpowers. Here is nearly 15 minutes of gameplay footage from the game:

Undefeated is made by three students from Vantan Game Academy at Osaka, Japan. The game features fair graphics and interesting gameplay mechanics. If I were a studio head, I would definitely hire these guys at once. You can get the game for free on Steam.

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Source: DSOGaming

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