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Umbrella Corps Out Now – Launch Trailer

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Umbrella Corps Out Now – Launch Trailer

If you’re a Resident Evil fan or a big multiplayer guy, Capcom has released a new game that should appeal to a number of fans. This multiplayer / cooperative shooter puts you in the shoes of an Umbrella operative (or skin them with an iconic character from the Resident Evil universe) as you go around the world, to various locations set in past games, kill zombie and other operatives.

Umbrella Corps takes the form of a multiplayer third-person tactical shooter whose gameplay has been compared toGhost Recon: Phantoms. Set several years after the conclusion of Resident Evil 6 and the dismantling of the sinister Umbrella Corporation, the story setup involves teams of mercenaries from rival corporations tasked with entering zombie and monster-infested areas to hunt for valuable technology and other assets left behind by the now-defunct organization. Players (who can also play from a first-person view) will control mercenaries from one of two rival outfits, fighting each other for control of so-called “compact battle-zones,” while avoiding taking damage that attracts the undead.

The game is for PS4 and PC.

Check out the Trailer:

“Powerful new weapons can also be unlocked and customized. For example, the Doberman Pincer is a lethal shotgun that devastates enemy players and creatures alike, and is perfect for shutting down attempted Brainer melee assassinations. The K-12 AX is a well-rounded SMG, delivering a balance of range and fire rate. The Samurai Edge is a legendary firearm from the Resident Evil series – a modified, enhanced S.T.A.R.S. handgun designed by the Kendo’s Gun Shop of RE 2 fame. Each weapon can be decked out with a range of helpful scopes to boost accuracy or suppressors to keep your location concealed during matches.”

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