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Ubisoft artwork
Ubisoft artwork

Ubisoft Talks R6 League with Rising Star, Luke Kendrew

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Ubisoft recently had an interview with Luke “Kendrew” Kendrew, the newest captain of team Natus Vincere, or Na’Vi, and talked to him about the European Challenger League and how Europeans compare to other players around the world. Team Na’Vi have been crushing it lately, but more interestingly, all of Europe has been dominating the Rainbow Six competitive scene this last year.

Kendrew had a lot to say in his interview with Ubisoft about his team, and more can be seen on Ubisoft’s official website. However, it’s interesting to see his thoughts on why Europe dominated the league in 2019:

“I think Europe just has a more fleshed-out scene. It has an extremely strong Challenger League, and multiple regional teams that are on the brink of making it to the next step. I just think our practice is more productive because we are playing against teams of high caliber all the time. We have seen this multiple times as Pro League teams have been relegated to Challenger League teams. The skill gap in Europe is insanely small, and it keeps getting tighter between the top teams.”

Kendrew also talks about how so many countries in Europe have different playstyles:

“Different people from different countries have their own outlook on the way the game is meant to be played and how the meta changes their play style.”

All these aspects together add up to the reason for the domination, and it’s a nice thing to see in esports. Many esports games get dominated by Asian teams, so having Europe take over Rainbow Six Siege is a good change of pace.

It will be interesting to see if this keeps up in 2020. Fans of the league will have a lot to look forwards to in the coming year.

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