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Watch Dogs Legion
Watch Dogs Legion

Ubisoft Collaborates with HitRecord for Watch Dogs Legion

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Games without sound lose half of their influence on the player. I’m saying this and you might disagree with the percentage but I’m sure that you cannot deny it completely. Sound is needed for every game and when it comes to AAA open-world title, the developer is going to need a wide variety of soundtracks that fit into the game and its atmosphere. However, for Watch Dogs Legion, Ubisoft is going to get some help from fans through a collaboration with HitRecord.

HitRecord is a company founded by famous Hollywood star Joseph Gordon-Levitt, looking for talents in fields like art and music. Now, Ubisoft has decided to work along with HitRecord to get some soundtracks for Watch Dogs Legion, through the talents and fans who want their work to be appeared at the game. If you succeed in getting your music into the game, you’ll be paid $50K.

Ubisoft invites all the artists and composers to compete with each other and try their best to end up in within the chosen ones. The company has previously done the same collaboration with HitRecord to collect soundtracks and story ideas for Beyond Good and Evil 2.

Watch Dogs Legion will be available on March 6 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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