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Ubisoft E3
Ubisoft E3

Ubisoft Closing Online Services For Just Dance 2018

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Ubisoft Closing Online Services For Just Dance 2018

Ubisoft has confirmed that is is closing online services for Just Dance games on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, and Wii U on 19th November 2018. Other titles who will share the same fate as Just Dance are I Am Alive, Tom Clancy’s End War, and Splinter Cell Double Agent.

“We are constantly assessing what’s needed to deliver the best possible online services for Ubisoft’s customers. Shutting the services for some older games with smaller online audiences is a necessary part of this process, since it allows our IT and service staff to better focus on delivering great online experiences to the vast majority of customers who are playing newer, more popular titles. Still, we don’t take the decision to retire services for older Ubisoft games lightly, and we understand some of you may be disappointed by this news. We are happy to have fans that are as committed as you have been to these brands and titles, and we hope that you’ll find more recent or upcoming Ubisoft games which you can be equally as passionate about. Thank you for your understanding and your support.

Here are a few more specific details:

1. The multiplayer online services for the title will be shut down but the solo features will remain available.
2. Any In-game News and Player Stats services will be shut down.*
3. For Uplay-enabled games:*
The Uplay service will no longer be available for the game on consoles.
Units (Uplay currency) and Actions for the game will be disabled, meaning you will no longer be able to earn Units by completing Actions for the game.
Rewards will be disabled in-game, meaning that you can still unlock them, but you will not receive them. If you unlock them after the closure of the online service for the game, please feel free to contact our Customer Support team to be refunded.”

Check the full list of games who will no longer have online support – Here.

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