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GDC 2019
GDC 2019

Ubisoft and id Software Will Be at GDC 2019

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Everyday that we woke up, we get to hear exciting news on Google’s upcoming event that will mainly focus on gaming industry. According to the rumors, GDC 2019 will be an event to welcome the most valuable company of recent years to world of video games. Although they are not far from this field in years behind, but a lot of people expect to see a big announcement such as a new platform, specially on the edge of 9th generation of consoles.

Following the news Jade Raymond joined google as Vice President, Google teased new details from GDC 2019 today, that will keep your hype rate up enough to count down for the event. Two new tweets by Google Developers account indicate that Ubisoft and id Software will be a part of Developers Day sessions at the upcoming event.

These two big game developers and publishers will attend at the show right after the awaited conference by Google and what will be their attendance for is yet to be known. Although we have no further information on featuring of developers of Doom and The Division 2 at GDC 2019, but more than likely, they would have some products or at least services related to Google’s probable announcements. You can read the tweets below:

GDC 2019 will be held on March 19 and Gaming Instincts will cover further news on the event as soon as possible.

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