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Two Point Hospital
Two Point Hospital

Two Point Hospital Hits Consoles Later This Year

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Managing and simulation titles in video games have touched multiple real-world jobs so far. They’ve even entered the world of animals with games like Goat Simulator. These kind of games are good to be played as they make us to encounter with different challenges and situations within various jobs, which caused them to be categorized on the column of tough games. However, there are still titles that bring the simulation with a more fun and arcade gameplay style like Two Point Hospital.

The spiritual successor for Theme Hospital released on PC back in 2018 and recently SEGA announced through a trailer that the game will be hitting consoles, including PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch, later this year. Two Point Hospital had a successful launch on PC and managed to get the Metascore of 83 thanks to mostly positive reviews from the media. Here you can check out the new trailer:

In Two Point Hospital players will be managing a hospital and are tasked to take care of patients in different sections of the hospital. The game is not a fully simulation, as in some points there will be fun moments and incidents. Console versions will include all post-launch DLCs that have been added to PC version so far.

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