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Twin Mirror
Twin Mirror

Twin Mirror Delayed; Coming in 2020

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Dontnod Entertainment’s next story-driven adventure title seems to need more of hard working yet, as the studio delayed the release date to the next year, recently.

According to an official press release by Dontnod, Twin Mirror will be available next year through targeted platforms instead of previously determined 2019. Along with announcing this delay, the studio also revealed partnership with Shibuya Productions in developing Twin Mirror as a transmedia expertise in order to increase licensing potential. It’s still yet to be known that what licenses Dontnod intends to approach for its new title but all in all it seems to be interesting.

Twin Mirror is a third-person adventure in a small town called Basswood, in which the main character of the game tries to investigate a mysterious case that leads him to some extraordinary realms in his childhood home town of Basswood which provides him a better vision on what’s going on in this case.

To be honest, Twin Mirror’s setting and story remind me of Remedy’s critically acclaimed Alan Wake and I’m really hoping to see a breath-taking journey in Twin Mirror at the standards of what Remedy has brought to life years ago.

In other news, Dontnod announced that PC version of Twin Mirror will be timed-exclusive to Epic Games Store for 12 months. The studio justified its decision by pointing to “more advantageous distribution of revenues” for itself and share owners. The game will get released on PS4 and Xbox One too.

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