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“Trulon: The Shadow Engine” now available on Xbox One

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“Trulon: The Shadow Engine” now available on Xbox One

Today Trulon: The Shadow Engine, the steampunk RPG thriving from the game’s author Johan Lillbacka and the American bestseller author Jak Koke – known for the “Shadowrun Dragon Heart Saga” – can be played on Xbox One.

Packed with an exciting story and a unique card combat system, Trulon: The Shadow Engine differs from classic RPGs, but still contains their charm. Travel with Gladia and her companions to find the source of a mysterious disease, that spreads through Maelon and Tripudia. Face-off challenges and find the secrets hidden in Trulon’s beautifully painted lush steampunk world.

About the Game:

Enter a world of steampunk and magic by experiencing the debut title of the Trulon series. Trulon: The Shadow Engine is an adventure RPG with a unique card combat system. Battle enemies mutated by magic as you explore the kingdoms of peaceful Tripudia and dangerous Maelon. Unravel the threads of an insidious plot and uncover dark secrets to help bring an end to the mysterious disease threatening Tripudia.

Check out the Trailer:

“Trulon begins as your character wakes up (of course), and you speak with your sick father (of course) to learn that there is a monster problem in town (of course). Luckily, you’re a monster hunter! Well, at least they cut out the whole “why is this kid fighting monsters?” question. She’s fighting monsters because she’s a monster hunter, duh. From there, the story progresses and branches off a bit from the cliches, introducing a fairly fleshed out steampunk/medieval world with two vying form of magic (they’re basically “rage” and “mana” though) and a unique take on the merits of big cities versus smaller farming villages. It’s written by Jak Koke, the writer of the Shadowrun novels, so despite some generic JRPG dialogue the overall themes are actually rather interesting.”

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