Treasure Teases Both Ikaruga And Nintendo Switch Fans

Treasure Teases Both Ikaruga And Nintendo Switch Fans

Nintendo Switch and Ikaruga fans can get excited, as Treasure, the developers of fan favorite games like Gunstar Heroes and Radiant Silvergun, are teasing today that the popular shoot-em-up game Ikaruga, could be coming to the Nintendo Switch.

The company recently released a Twitter post, showing off two Nintendo Switch portable systems sitting side by side, along with two controllers in front of them. But the real excitement about this post, is the game that they’re running on the handheld console – Ikaruga.

Here’s the official Tweet from the Japanese developer, featuring the Nintendo Switch and the game Ikaruga displayed o the screen:

Treasure said on the Twitter post today that the Nintendo Switch can be played vertically, so the requests to port Ikaruga were raining. In the Tweet, “Treasure said that they bought a 108 yen stand at Daiso and tried placing the system vertically, but noted that it should’ve been 3mm broader. Horizontally it’s perfect, but vertically it’s a bit lacking.”

The company didn’t confirmed that the game will be releasing anytime soon, but it looks like that a multi-platform announcment could be coming soon. Currently the game is available now on Xbox One through the Xbox 360 backwards compatibility program, as well as on Steam for PC.

NintendoLife said in an article on their website:

“The tweet refers to the challenge of  “The side (horizontal position) is perfect, but the vertical position is a little short.” Seems like a challenge worthy of the maestros at Treasure, so we hope this tweet is indication that something real is indeed being considered in the near future.”

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