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Toukiden 2 Studio 4°C Original Animation – Part Two

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Toukiden 2 Studio 4°C Original Animation – Part Two

Koei Tecmo has posted the first part to first part of the anime adaptation of Studio 4°C’s Toukiden 2.

Unlike the previous game, Toukiden 2 will be an open world game where players will be able to explore and fight in a variety of fields, with battles taking place seamlessly. The game will also come with a day/ night cycle system and a brand new weapon type called Shield Sword, a weapon combining a sword and a shield.

The anime is short that will be released in separate parts. The second part is set to release on July 8, with the entire anime to be released on July 13.

Koei Tecmo Games will release the game on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita on July 28, after a delay from the originally scheduled date of June 30.

Check out the Video:

“The video starts out with a man that looks like he’s about to meet his end but gets saved by the Professor who suggests for him to die, but after hearing his refusal, she asks him to make a choice of dying as a human and going to hell or to continue living by throwing away his humanity to live in hell.”

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