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Total War Review Bombed
Total War Review Bombed

Total War: Three Kingdoms Receives A Review Bombing

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It seems fans are upset with the game Total War: Three Kingdoms, now that Developers have decided to move on. Creative Assembly announced that it’s latest patch, 1.7.1, would be it’s last update to the game, much to the ire of fans. The studio itself has announced a new game, set during The Romancing of The Three Kingdoms, had entered pre-production which might explain the desire to move on.

Seemingly overnight Total War: Three Kingdoms went from “Mostly Positive” to “Overwhelmingly Negative” on steam thanks to the coordinated effort of players. Being fair however this has very little to do with the decision to move on. A big part of this anger stems from certain bugs going unfixed, as well as a content drop that now seems to have been discarded.

Last year, Creative Assembly noted that early efforts to patch the game were in the wrong place and that this would be corrected. This next patch was supposed to  “come with the second Expansion Pack DLC that will focus on building out the North of the map.” While many of the bugs were still fixed it seems that the north of the map will see its proposed building out.

Many of the players upset by the decision are within it’s most hardcore fanbase. Upon a quick search of the games steam page there a several negative reviews from players ranging from 120 to 750 hours logged into the game. I have over 100 hours logged into the game myself. It is hard to look at those time frames and say you didn’t get your moneys worth, despite understanding why they might be upset.

Sega west purchased the the team back in 2005. While the company is known more for it’s strategy games like Shogun: Total War and Halo Wars, they also developed more action oriented games like Aliens: Isolation. Creative Assembly has 800 members, across multiple teams.  It is still possible within this structure we can see the release of the build out in the north, though at present it looks unlikely.

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