Total War: Three Kingdoms

Total War: Three Kingdoms Reached 100K Co-current Players at Launch

PC gamers were glad to say welcome to one of the anticipated strategy genre titles of this year, coming out from the studio knows the genre better than anyone. Total War: Three Kingdoms is out now and according to the first statistics from this PC-exclusive title, players’ reception has been great so far, as the game hosts over 100,000 co-current players on Steam right now.

Total War: Three Kingdoms is said to be Creative Assembly’s most ambitious titles in recent years, while the development team, which is the core team of the whole studio, has been working on the game for 5 consecutive years and this makes sense to both fans and publisher to have great expectations from the game at its launch.

According to Metascore of the game (83) averaging 42 critics so far, it seems the quality of the game is on a level that makes all the long-running effort on the game worthy. Besides, the fans’ reception in terms of sales is the another successful side of the game’s launch, as it breaks the record in the whole Total War series for having the highest number of pre-order before release.

This great number of sales before launch lead Total War: Three Kingdoms to take over the 4th place in Steam’s chart for the number of co-current players.

Total War: Three Kingdoms co-current players

Three Kingdoms is only available on PC and it represents historical battles in the franchise, after almost six years of having no similar entries in the series.

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