Total War: Three Kingdoms
Total War: Three Kingdoms

Total War: Three Kingdoms Has Experienced Huge Sales in China

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Total War: Three Kingdoms launched exclusively on PC a few days ago and aside from getting honorable reviews so far, the game has broken some records when it comes to sales. After achieving the golden medal for Steam’s best launch in 2019, now the publisher and developer announced that china has been the most major market for the game so far.

According to the data that Creative Assembly released recently, Total War: Three Kingdoms is the best-selling game of the whole series in case of pre-orders and most of these purchases have been made by Chinese players. Speaking to Games Industry, Rob Bartholomew said:

We know that Total War has had a big following in China for a great many years. It’s just now that we’re starting to reach those guys with our products, and they’re putting money down and engaging with us much more.

With Three Kingdoms, that Romance of the Three Kingdoms subject matter is obviously doing a lot to help us along with that.

China, in particular, has dramatically moved up through the market share rankings for our titles over the last four or five years. We’re now at a point where China is absolutely the most major market for Three Kingdoms. And it’s definitely hovering around in that top six collection of territories that we have for all of our games that we’re selling at the moment.

The new entry in Total War series has managed to break bunch of records in wake of several important reasons. The series has once again taken players back to the historical battles in a game that has been under development for over 6 years. Moreover, Steam’s growth at china and its market has had an undeniable impact on allowing Three Kingdoms to be available in as much regions as it can, for which Bartholomew added:

We tend to grow when Steam grows.

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