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Main character from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019
Main character from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019

Top 10 Things You Missed in the COD: Modern Warfare Multiplayer Preview

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The Multiplayer for Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare remake was recently shown off, featuring tons of new info regarding maps, modes, and guns featured in the multiplayer. Many fans have been waiting to see what the new Modern Warfare’s Multiplayer is all about and how it plays compared to the rest of the series. Does it look like a rehash of what we’ve had before in the past or is Infinity War going all out on the changes that we’ll see for this new remake? Well we at Gaming Instincts will show you the top 10 things you missed from the Multiplayer reveal.

10. Gunsmith

Now we all like the guns Call of Duty series, they all pack a punch and have some interesting but limited attachments in the past. It’s also been known that these guns had the lightest customization I’ve seen in the past. Sure, we can change the skin of the weapon and add a laser sight to it, but surely we can do more? Well that’s what Infinity Ward’s new Gunsmith Mode is all about.

Starting off before going into gunsmith, it would seem that custom loadouts consist of a primary weapon, a secondary, three perks, a tactical and a lethal grenade. If you go up to the weapon, you can take it to the gunsmith where you customize the gun to your liking. Players will be able to put all sorts of attachments and abilities onto their weapons. You can add a Muzzle, barrel, underbarrel, magazine, rear grip, stock, optics, and lasers to your weapon as you see fit for whatever mode you’re playing.

Unfortunately, you can’t go too crazy as you can only have up to 5 different attachments to each weapon. Well it’s hard to only choose 5 different attachments when there are around 30-60 attachments for each weapon as far as we’ve seen. So whether you’re using an AK-47, a shotgun, or a pistol, I’m sure you can make just about any weapon suit you own individual playstyle.

9. No Minimap

Now many gameplay changes have been made to Modern Warfare’s combat and movement around the maps. To start off, there’s no minimap in normal gameplay. That’s right, you can’t see people just pop up on a map as soon as they shoot anymore, what’s more is that this mean that the other team doesn’t have a minimap as well. So this brings up some new gameplay possibilities online such as flanking opponents, not strategically killing 5 players with a grenade because you see them sprinting down a corridor, and possibly being a better sniper.

So in a way you can properly sneak around the map with a silencer or and stealthily perform takedowns on enemies from behind. Though this doesn’t exactly make you invincible as many players are inevitably going to roam around to the same place you’re heading to and you’ll have to deal with it. It’s a new way to level the playing field in the game as the minimap mechanic could easily net someone a few more kills while someone see them mow down people on the map itself. Of course this won’t stop people from using the recon drone killstreak, but maybe this time only the players that do well will see the minimap.

8. Tactically Opening Doors

Finally, in all of the history of Call of Duty, you can open up doors in Multiplayer. That’s right, the new Modern Warfare introduces door-opening. It’s not just door opening of course. It’s tactical door opening.

Now usually when you open a door, you get a little button prompt and the door opens completely wide, revealing the other side entirely like a real door. Well in this game you can do something a bit more covert and inconspicuous if you’re trying to lay low. You have the option to open the door only partway or just open enough for you to either shoot through the cracks and throw a grenade in. You also have the option to kick open the door loudly to surprise everyone inside or just blow it up. It’s all up to you.

I can definitely see this feature be used pretty well in more serious matches and the fact that it’s being used in multiplayer as well means that PVP will let players use way more tactics than your typical run-and-gun ways of the previous games.

7. Tactical Maneuvers

So, you have your typical sprinting, vaulting over cover, and slides but what else can you do in a newly realized First-Person Shooter? Well sprinting has been upgraded to a new unlimited sprint for one thing, so you can run to your heart’s content, given that you don’t get shot in the process. Also, don’t most players wish for a way to lower their recoil? Well the new Modern Warfare also has the ability for you to mount on a corner of a wall while aiming down your sites. This way you can have a sort of mini bipod function while leaning and shooting from a corner.

6. Killstreaks

Killstreaks are great and can easily turn the tide of battle in an instant. Whether you get air support, or just get a simple recon it can definitely be something that just straight up helps your team out. Well your typical killstreaks are back like care packages and recon droning an area. Among some of the highest killstreaks are being given the Juggernaut armor while wreaking havoc everywhere.

5. Vehicles

Also, among some of the killstreak are vehicles such as tanks and APC’s. This right here is something that we haven’t seen since World at War. What’s more is that smaller non-killstreak vehicles such as ATV’s are drivable as well. This gives me hope that they might be brought to a gamemode with a bigger map with more players, maybe a bigger Ground War or something like that.

4. New Maps

For a while, players only knew of one of the multiplayer maps, King, the small makeshift shooter arena. Well because of this announcement we know of plenty more maps to come. Gun Runner is a medium-sized map that takes place in a Russian factory that has plenty of cover. Hackney Yard is a London-based map that features big cargo boxes, buildings, and tons of space for open-fighting. Azir Cave leads from a cave network, to the small town outside. You can fight alongside the long-winding caves or go outside to the small town. Grazna Raid is a large Russian Map that is suited for Ground War. Aniyah Palace is an even bigger map that is suited for Domination and Ground War. There will sure be more maps to come and we can’t wait to see.

3. Realism Mode

Realism mode is basically the hardcore mode from the previous games, except with more realism. Like usual, no hitmarkers or kill indicators will be available while playing and all headshots will be lethal with bodyshots doing massive damage in general. You will also be playing in the night maps in this mode, meaning that you will need your night vision sights in order to see normally. Also because of your night vision, you can’t aim down your sights, so you’ll have to either take them off, or use a laser sight attachment for better hipfire.

2. Ground War?

Now Ground War is a gamemmode which features larger teams generally up to 12 v 12 people. Well in Modern Warfare we still have the smaller fighting skirmishes with 6v6, 10v10, and 20v20 variations along with a small 2v2 mode called Gunfight. Among these modes Activision teased a different version of Ground War that is said to feature 100 players. While we may think of a sort of Battle Royale mode, my thoughts on this is that it could just be a 50v50 gamemode. No other information has been heard, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

1. Crossplay

The game will be completely crossplay for those who don’t know. Now console players will be able to play with those who are on the PC. Now that’s something that Call of Duty hasn’t done before. Nobody really experienced crossplay during any of the previews so far, so people will be able to try crossplay during Modern Warfare’s beta from sept. 12-16 and Sept 21-23. Hopefully this will bring the whole COD community together, and battle each-other.

Well that was the Top 10 Things that you missed from the Call of Duty Modern Warfare Multiplayer Preview. Make sure to check out Gaming Instincts for more Call of Duty Modern Warfare News.

For more information about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, check us out here.

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