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Top 10 Monsters to Hunt in Monster Hunter World

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Top 10 Monsters to Hunt in Monster Hunter World

Anticipation erodes as one counts down to the release of Capcom’s latest installment of the beloved Japanese phenomenon: Monster Hunter World. Personally, the Monster Hunter franchise had been far and away from my sphere of gaming, mainly due to its handheld releases. However, this new entry in the series gathers both the hardened veterans and the curious onlookers together for this new  experience. So, one might wonder, what monsters should I to hunt in the world, which will pose the biggest challenge, or offer the most aesthetically pleasing attire?

To give a clear representation, this list does not cover the best gear to grind for. Conversely, it is a list of what looks to be the most exciting monsters and fights. Singularity oozes from the scales of every monster in the Monster Hunter World, through uniqueness of design and just how objectively awesome they look. That is this article’s focus. Let’s delve into the top ten monsters to hunt in Monster Hunter World.

10. Kulu-Ya-Ku

Kulu-Ya-Ku, Bird Wyvern

You might think that this measly bird wyvern doesn’t deserve a slot on this list. However, what it lacks in physical strength, elemental energy, or even an intimidating presence, it greatly makes up for with its guile during combat. Hunters can use the hazardous environment of World to trap their targets; however, the Kulu-Ya-Ku is clever enough to use the environment to its advantage, too. It uses the rocks around it as shielding from attacking hunters and is very resourceful with such little to work with.

Sure, it will be easier than the bigger threats on this list, but the scratching bird will nevertheless offer a challenge. Reminiscent of a Dodo, this strange creature offers and enticing dune-traveler’s garb for the hunter who takes it down. Goofy, brilliant and essentially an over-sized chicken, the Kulu-Ya-Ku looks like a fun competitor.

9. Lavasioth

Lavasioth, Piscine Wyvern

One of the few released piscine wyverns, this bipedal fish-like monstrosity takes its habitat in lava, covered with hardened magma as it treads through the bubbling pools of molten rock. There is a cool factor of a giant serpent bursting through the deadly lava and attacking the hunters with its recently hardened coating of magma. The Lava Wyvern, though sharing a species list with other piscine wyverns, lacks wing-like fins. Instead, it hosts medium-length pectoral fins and a stronger tail for trekking through the molten rocks.

The Lavasioth will Challenge all who enter its territories with a hail of shattering molten fragments, attempting to claim dominance over its land. It is a truly terrifying and remarkable resident of the volcano. Though there is no official Monster Hunter World armor set revealed, its previous iterations hosted a metallic set with molten finishes. This beast is worth hunting for the challenge alone.

8. Tobi-Kadachi

Tobi-Kadachi, Fanged Wyvern,

The reptillian-looking fanged wyvern is a fierce contender within the Ancient Forest. Tobi-Kadachi hosts an energy of electricity as it strides through the trees. Using the large oak giants to its advantage, it swoops and strikes from the treetops. This, in turn, heightens its static electricity, with an overall boost to power. Like that of a flying squirrel, it can glide from treetop to treetop, making sure its positioning will prime it for the best assault.

A sly and cunning monster that uses the woods to make its home its advantage, Tobi-Kadachi fills the role of the hidden jungle predator. Its skin offers a very nice reward, too. Dawning the teal scales and electrical elements of its hide, hunters will be faceted with this scaled gear that is sure to withstand many threats to come.


7. Paolumu

Paolumu, Flying Wyvern

Monsters do not need to look terrifying. Some grant intimidation from the opposite end of the spectrum: cuteness. This adorable winged wyvern is reminiscent of a white bat, though obviously gaining an overwhelming flourish of adorableness. Don’t let this giant puff ball dissuade you, it is actually an air sack used for combat. Paolumu can glide away from that of melee weaponry and create a better vantage point for itself. If being pressured by hunters, its trump card is to release the torrent of gale residing inside its air sack.

A true beauty to behold as it glides around the Coral Highlands, the armor one can create from this creature shares the puffiness when it inhales air. Providing a heavy arctic feel, heavy white fur-lined material is sure to up the adorable scale on any hunter who wears it.

6. Radobaan

Radobaan, Hunters, Bone, tar, Brute Wyvern

Inspiration from the lost planet of the dinosaurs is found within this game. And with creativity spawns a wonderful brute wyvern. Radobaan has an exterior of tar, which it uses to its advantage to encase itself in bones. Luckily its habitat is that of a monster graveyard. Here, it can use all of the decaying corpses around it to create a formidable wall against the hunters’ attacks. This bulky wall sports incredible speed, since the weight of bone is a lot lighter than a row of diamonds. Not lasting forever, his bones can be shattered and leave his skin exposed. This is the method to defeating Radobaan.

Armor gained from this creature looks like the guise of an astronaut covered with thick bone. The dome-shaped helm and bulkiness of the suit give the impression of one. Radobaan seems like a worthy monster to slay, with just rewards to plunder.


5. Nergigante

Nergigante, Elder Dragon, Hunter

The banner boy (of the United States release, that is) is a newly introduced elder dragon in the series. Intimidation seethes in the very spikes that erode from its skin. Nergigante is a fierce challenger that requires one to be quick to destroy its defenses, or risk this powerhouse landing its devastating attacks. As mentioned before, spikes erode from its hide that, if not destroyed, will harden black, making its body impenetrable, while increasing its damage. Requiring careful resource management and great survival skills, Nergigante offers a true challenge to all hunters.

This bruting dark hellion is intimidation at its very core. The armor one receives from slaying this creature resembles the dark-jagged nature of its being. A barbaric set that is created from the hardened black scales, with highlights of the white bones, encompass a dark knight vibe that is sure to impress.

4. Odogaron

Odogaron, Hunter, Confrontation

Odogaron is perhaps the most ruthless individual on this list. Though small in stature, it does not lack strength or agility. In fact, its attacks resemble a ravenous dog. As such, it is very aggressive toward anything that enters its wake and will relentlessly mange and claw them until they’re dead. Its feet has two rows of claws that can shred through any being, leaving massive amounts of bleeding to endure.

A fierce foe that one should not cross unprepared, Odogaron is territorial and highly aggressive. Its sinister appearance is reflected in the armor that is made from its remains. The helm is a terrible kabuki-like mask with a red-scaled design that will haunt the nightmares of all who witness it.

3. Legiana

Legiana, Flying Wyvern, Screech

Another apex predator graces this list in the form of a fearsome winged wyvern that has territorial control over its airspace. Legiana is a thin, beige-colored monster with blue fins protruding from its head and navy blue highlights. It’s a very compelling creature to study. Though beautiful, it’s still dangerous to all hunters, with its pristine flying agility and graceful acrobatic movements. Not only does it host a pair of dagger-like talons, Legiana can also emit a chilling wind from its body to slow the escape of its prey.

Grace, strength, and agility combine to create a fearsome contender for hunters. The armor reaped from its corpse sports an inverse of its colors: navy blue covers most of the armor with beige highlights. Fins protrude from the helmet, and the cape adds to a rather dashing display.

2. Kushala Daora

Kushala Daora, Elder Dragon

An elder dragon in the literal sense, it commands complete conquests over harsh gales, and resembles a western dragon. Though Kushala Daora looks like it has rough skin, it is actually layered with metal. This added protection requires the sharpest of weapons to pierce. However, getting close to this monstrosity is a challenge. It has the ability to create a wind barrier around itself, not letting its targets approach of their own will. The angrier it becomes, the more violent the gales bellow.

It’s a challenge to land a strike on its lustrous skin. Though, if one can surmount this fearsome beast, they will be granted the ironclad outfit it possesses. This shining silver set has a traditional samurai aesthetic mixed with influences of a European knight.

1. Kirin

Kirin, Elder Dragon, Phantom Beast, Capcom, Monster Hunter 10th anniversary

The “Phantom Beast” itself, Kirin embraces us with its radiant presence. Dragons and dinosaurs may derive fear on sight, but this elder dragon beckons a new layer of intimidation. Do not let the species fool you, hunters, it shares little with its bruting brethren. Kirin entrances players with grace, and overwhelming destructive energy. It would be foolish to underestimate this seemingly tranquil creature because it offers as much strength as any other elder dragon.

However, their strong Silver Horns mounted on its head becomes a dangerous weapon, though is prone to shattering easily. Thick fur lines the essence of its body along with patches of scales, creating a formidable wall to protect its flesh. Natural agility is on par with its other abilities. Though no official armor is confirmed, we can assume it will take the white-fur tribal style of its predecessors.

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