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Greetings with champagne in the Casino.
Greetings with champagne in the Casino.

Top 10 Changes Made to GTA Online

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Top 10 Changes Made to GTA Online

Grand Theft Auto Online is one of Rockstar’s most popular and successful multiplayer sandbox game since 2013. A lot has changed in the last six years such as new penthouses, new missions, and even a Casino. Since there’s so much that they’ve added, we’ll go through the Top 10 changes that have been made to GTA Online.

10. Rockstar Editor

So you’re driving around Los Santos with your sick new motorcycle. You’re doing all sorts of flips and maneuvers with a 5-star wanted level avoiding the cops and all. Then you successfully escape after calling yourself a tank and busting your way out of there. Well that’s cool to record and all, but what if you could do more? What if you added a few more camera angles and some cool new effects to make the chase seem cooler than it already was? Well the Rockstar Editor was the answer to this.

Thanks to the Rockstar Editor, many content creators were able to record specific moments (from 30 seconds to 1 minute) while playing Online or in Story Mode. This way more creative people can make some interesting intros or make some moments pop out during an adventure or simply messing around in Free Roam. While it more of a change on GTA V overall, it can definitely make your experiences in GTA look phenomenal.

9. Freemode Events

In the early days of GTA Online, there wasn’t a whole lot to do in Freemode. Sure you can own an apartment, look cool and shoot other players but the whole experience was lacking in something to actually do around Los Santos and Blaine County. Well on Sept. 15, 2015, Rockstar released their new Freemode events update which added plenty of interesting minigames that players in the same sandbox session can play in.

Players can partake in King of the Castle, fly planes through money rings, protect a powerful convoy, and even become a werewolf among other things. Even more is that players can gain money and experience for ranking the top in these events so they added a bit more to do in Freemode for those who don’t want to do any missions.

8. Car Customization

GTA V’s car customization was extremely important in GTA V as it is technically the namesake of the game. Sure you can upgrade the speed, suspension, and acceleration, but these differences seemed pretty minor, and the customizations on most cars were pretty lackluster. Well on Oct. 20, 2015, Rockstar added the Lowrider update that basically was the start of some of the wilder car kits.

From adding hydraulics, to uselessly show off your in-game car sound system, there was a lot that you can add to your favorite lowriders. Since then Rockstar expanded on the cars that can be customized, bringing in more players who want to show off their ride.

7. Weapons

GTA is also all about the weapons you can use to defeat the legion of police who wish to impede on your criminal escapades. After dealing with the most basic of weapons at the start with the pump action shotgun, smg’s and pistols, we’ve gotten crazy weapons such as the Unholy Hellbringer plasma Rifle and the Widowmaker Plamsa Machine gun.

That’s right, GTA has crazy alien tech to use to destroy your opponents and I doubt that GTA Online will stop there, who knows what they’ll add next.

6. New Adversary Modes

GTA Online probably needed more than a few gamemodes to keep the community alive. Well Rockstar is no stranger to making creative pvp modes. During Halloween, Rockstar had a special Slasher Adversary mode where one serial killer with a shotgun must kill all of his victims within the time limit. Additionally, in 2016 a new Power Play update was added to include new power ups and have a more arcade-y feel to the Adversary modes. You can pair this up with the usual insanity of GTA and you’ve got something to play for a long time.

5. Criminal Activity to earn money

There is nothing better than getting a little bit of cash on the side. Well given the criminal roots of our characters, there’s nothing better than becoming a CEO of your own criminal empire, and stealing and selling the contraband you’ll get through the missions in freemode. Not only that but with Bikers DLC, you can start doing things a bit more illicitly by buying warehouses and having them produce either drugs or counterfeit bills. Pick your own way of getting money at this point.

4. Races

Racing is everybody’s favorite pastime in GTA, with that being said Rockstar has made some major improvements to the racing aspect to the Online. Starting with Cunning Stunts, players were able to race through some of the more crazier tracks that can take place through the skies of Los Santos, even better is that players were able to create their own tracks similar to these to further promote the creative tracks players can make in Online.

3. Heists

Before heists were introduced, players were given smaller-scale missions that varied in both fun level and difficulty. It bothered players that heists were not available in Online since most of the main storyline in GTA V relied heavily on that aspect. Well 2015, Rockstar finally provided the heists, and they could’ve used a bit more work to be honest.

Well in December 2017, a whole slew of new missions became available called the Doomsday Heist in which your criminal organization must come together to save the world from a mysterious new threat. The heists came with plenty of new vehicles and gadgets to play with such as a submarine car and a flying motorcycle. Since then, missions have been a bit more interesting.

2. Clubs

What do you do in your spare time when not attacking enemy gangs and driving fast around Los Santos? Well you can either hang out in your apartment by yourself, or open up a sick new nightclub in Los Santos that makes the city seem a bit more lively. After being confronted by Gay Tony to start a new Club, you’ll be doing all sorts of things to get it running, from tracking down high-profile celebrities, or stealing some new equipment for your club’s DJ. If you can get it together, you can make a decent profit, while dancing to some nice tunes.

1. Casino

Well Rockstar finally did it, they released the Diamond Casino and Resort update which adds Slot Machines, Prizes, and a bunch of new missions aimed to saving the Casino itself. Otherwise it it’s aimed at doing the types of games you can expect from a Casino which is gambling and some arcade games. Along with a sick new penthouse you can turn in chips for real in-game money. Of course there may be problems due to gambling laws in some countries to actually play in the casino, it’s pretty much something extra to do in the world.

Well those are our top ten changes made to Grand Theft Auto Online. This has been Gaming Instincts and we’ll see you soon.

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