Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers Expansion

Tons Of New Details Revealed For Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers

After a Square Enix panel during the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest in Tokyo, the growing world of MMORPG continues to expand with a plethora of new content arriving to the game. With the Shadowbringers expansion forthcoming this summer, tons of new information was shared that’s sure to excite the massive playerbase in Final Fantasy XIV.

The first bit of news introduces players to the new location of the quickly vanishing city of Norvrandt. Players will learn more about this new location, as well as the alternate world known as The First, in next week’s A Requiem for Heroes Part 2 update on March 26.

Check out the new cinematic extended Shadowbringers trailer below:

Next, fans are introduced to the new player town known as The Crystarium. Along with The Crystarium also comes a reveal of the luxurious city of Eulmore. Both new locations came with riveting trailer, which you can find below:

The Crystarium


A fourth trailer invites into the sprawling map of Lakeland. Unlike the previous areas of The Crystarium and Eulmore which act more as the game’s hubs or towns, Lakeland is where players set out on their new adventure. Again, the trailer for Lakeland can be found below:


Players also found out that a new Job, Beast Tribe and a new enemy will be added to the Final Fantasy XIV experience. The Dancer Job will bring a ranged DPS addition to battle with the ability to cast various enhancing moves to party members and other long-range executions. Experts in mining and a fondness for their helmets and beards, The Dwarves are introduced as the new Beast Tribe.

Check out the new Dancers job trailer below:

And to bring in more challenge, the new Sin Eaters enemy will also make their appearance in the Shadowbringers expansion. Along with the new enemy type also comes a new high-end raid which is titled Eden.

Finally, a second race along with the recently announced all-female race Viera was revealed; and it’s the all-male race, Hrothgar. Both will be available as new playable races for players of the Shadowbringers expansion. Check out the new Hrothgar reveal trailer below:

With this boatload of information dropped on us, there’s plenty to look forward to in the upcoming Shadowbringers expansion for Final Fantasy XIV. Be sure to stay tuned for more details revealed for Shadowbringers ahead of its July 2, 2019 launch for the PS4 and PC.

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