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The Tomorrow Children Now Available on PS4, Launch Trailer

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The Tomorrow Children Now Available on PS4, Launch Trailer

The Tomorrow Children is a title from Q-Games set in a totalitarian state soviet-style. It has elements of survival, with the need to gather resources to improve the buildings of the city and build things, of course, there will also be enemies that will threaten the society in which we live.

The trailer show characters as they gather items and deliver it to other parts of the city. Additionally, you get a chance to see how complex the towns can get as well as the variety of personalities that inhabit them.

Check out the Trailer:

“Looking over to the new blog post it’s been noted that new features are now in the game, like reviving Matryoshka dolls and reaching target population. In other words, it means that making the most contribution to restoration will award players with special points that can be exchanged for building permits, new void powers, and “other cool stuff!”

When a town is fully restored it is said to be frozen for posterity so that you can start working on another city. As of course, you will be able to go back to old or complete towns later in your journey.”

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