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Apex Legends LStar Weapon Leak
Apex Legends LStar Weapon Leak

Titanfall 2 Weapon Leaked For Apex Legends

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It appears Apex Legends players may be receiving a new weapon to their arsenal, and it may seem a bit familiar to those who have played through Respawn’s Titanfall 2 – which is the universe Apex Legends is set in.

The popular, incredibly destructive L-Star energy weapon was reportedly uncovered in Apex Packs by players after the new update was released, but before the progress reseting bug fix was implemented. Assuming the weapon wasn’t meant to be revealed at this current time, this may be a future update to Apex or perhaps heading over in the presumed Season Two battle pass.

The weapon is no longer being discovered since Repsawn released a patch to fix the progress issues, but does point towards what could be a future update – as well as brings Apex players one step closer to more Titanfall features.

Stay tuned for any more updates or information on what Respawn is planning for the future of Apex Legends, and if they intend on adding more Titanfall content to the battle royale title.

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Source: RealApexLeaks

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