Apex Legends Progress Reset Bug Fixed
Apex Legends Progress Reset Bug Fixed

Respawn Fixes Apex Legends’ Progress Reset Issue After Temporarily Shutting Down Servers

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After news hit that Apex Legends’ user profiles were being erased after installing the latest update, Respawn Entertainment took to a drastic course of action. The team shut down the battle royale phenomenon servers temporarily in hopes of resolving the issue and, almost just as importantly, retrieving those users’ lost data.

It appears after some brief time without Apex Legends running, Respawn has solved the issue. Players who have reported that their progress data has been restored, and the update has kicked in which now includes the option to create parties with players met during random matchmaking.

Apex Legends is now back to working order and players can hop back into the action with the current update. They can also take part in the game’s first season and get their hands on the Battle Pass for more content featured to the game.

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