Titanfall 2 Single-Player Gameplay at 4K

The single-player campaign is “crafted to dive deeper into the Titanfall universe,” said the representative, “exploring the unique bond between pilot and Titan.”

The live stream then showed the first gameplay trailer for Titanfall 2, which appeared to focus on the single-player campaign. In the trailer, a faction leader seems to be talking with a Titan about the death of its pilot.

Titanfall 2’s campaign will build upon the freedom of mobility and the freedom to play in or outside of a Titan, as seen in Titanfall’s multiplayer, in ways that may surprise players, McCoy said. Some of the campaign’s levels are almost platformer and puzzle-like. Players will have to use a Pilot’s abilities — jump jets, wall-running, ziplining, cloaking — to work their way through rooms flanked by electrified railings while also fighting off enemy soldiers.

Titanfall 2 and its offline single-player campaign arrives on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One on Oct. 28.

Check out the Video:

“Single player is designed to be a standalone narrative experience, so that you can enjoy Titanfall at your own pace and on your own terms. It’s not a training module for multiplayer. That said, there are many moments in the campaign where you’ll have to use basic Pilot skills such as wall running and double-jumping, as well as other Pilot and Titan abilities. As you get used to flowing and maneuvering in single player, using your abilities in concert, you’ll find yourself naturally better prepared to enter the realm of multiplayer, should you choose to do so.”

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