Titanfall 2 ‘Pilots’ Gameplay Trailer

Titanfall 2 ‘Pilots’ Gameplay Trailer

Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment have released a new trailer for Titanfall 2 introducing the game’s pilots.

Pilots will be able to double-jump, utilize a hover mechanic to traverse across long gaps, and can even commit to fluid bouts of wall-running similar to the way in which futuristic soldiers can in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. Of course, all of these skills translate to the characters having the capacity to take out enemies with a deadly amount of speed and accuracy.

Not only the players will be able to execute quick bursts of seamless wall to air to ground action, but also fans will have the chance to do so in style since the game offers a huge amount of visual customization for the Pilots and Titans alike.

Titanfall 2 is due out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 28.


Check out the Trailer:


“Explained as “Five Reasons to Want to Be a Pilot,” those reasons include Pilots being an extension, Pilots being the future, Pilots are smarter, Pilots get tactical, and Pilots know how to move.

The extension part explains how powerful a Pilot can be when they’re linked to their Titan. They can only be stopped by an overwhelming force or an equal.

Another interesting fact that separates Pilots from everyone else are their ability to get tactical. Since they fight differently, they can use their movement, their tactical fighting style, and their equipment — such as a grappling hook and sonar pulse — to get an advantage on their enemies.”

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