Titanfall 2 August Open Beta Weekends Announced

Titanfall 2 August Open Beta Weekends Announced

The technical test of Titanfall 2 will stretch across two separate weekends, with a break in the middle. The dates are August 19-21 and August 26-28 for PS4 and Xbox One.

Aside from testing for any bugs, developer Respawn will also be using the beta to test out its server capacity. As a plus, it’ll also allow them to demo the game and potentially generate more hype pre-launch. However, the developers were clearly unwilling to risk PC users data-mining the demo for leaks, so only consoles can enjoy the beta.

The first beta of Titanfall 2 will feature the Bounty Hunt and Pilots vs Pilots modes, while the second weekend will have the Amped Hardpoint mode playable. There’ll also be new Titans to try out this time around, as well as the all-new grappling hook

Check out the Trailer:


“The first mode, Bounty Hunt, is a five-on-five offering that is new for Titanfall 2. The two teams face off against each other as well as the Remnant Fleet, and must deposit their points at the bank between waves without dying. The second mode is Pilots vs. Pilots, which pits two teams of eight humans against each other — without their titans. Both modes will be playable on the maps Boomtown and Homestead.”

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