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Tiger Knight: Empire War Gets Holidays DLC Pack

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Tiger Knight: Empire War Gets Holidays DLC Pack

Oasis Games Ltd, announced today that Tiger Knight: Empire War, its massively multiplayer online tactical combat game, is celebrating the holidays with special treats for players, a new DLC pack and a sweet deal through December 27th.

First off, players can change their hall to a winter wonderland scene with snowmen. Extending the celebration into gameplay events, four new holiday-themed events are now available: Soldier Compassion, Protect the People, Display of Power and Merry Christmas. Also a Reindeer Costume, which can be achieved by playing through the new events. With the costume equipped, players can exchange solstice greetings as they ride down opponents from atop a steed decked out in antlers, bells, Santa hat, and all the trimmings.

Check this video down below:

“After the battle is over, players can toast their defeated opponents under a fir tree decorated with gifts. Should they wish to expand their military power and dominate the battlefield even more, a new arms DLC is available, containing 5X Extend Barrack cards, 5X Soldier Seal – A and 50,000 coppers. New players can jump into the action as well with a new best offer that combines the existing four DLC packs released thus far into one bundle available at a 40% discount.

Tiger Knight: Empire War is an Unreal 3-based game that immerses players in third-person battles combining action gameplay with player-controlled mounted warriors and strategic, large-scaled MMO battles. War has broken out with four factions vying for control and deception is the name of the game. Players take complete control of their warfare experience by choosing to command troops or take the field on their own to become the sole conquering hero. Deep customization includes over 400 weapons, 400 armor types and 75 arm types, allowing players to truly personalize their character.”

For more information about the game visit its Steam Website.

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