Mario Tennis Aces

Three More Players Comes To Mario Tennis Aces

Three More Players Comes To Mario Tennis Aces

Three more characters are joining the courts in Mario Tennis Aces, The game will now feature Luma from Super Mario Galaxy, Pauline in her Super Mario Odyssey looks, and Boom Boom who’s first appearance was 28 years ago in Super Mario 3. They will be available in the first quarter of 2019.

Check each one abilities on the trailer below:

“Nintendo has been adding a whole bunch of content into Mario Tennis Aces since the game’s launch earlier this year. Birdo and Diddy Kong are the two most recent characters who have been made available in-game. Koopa Paratroopa is available right now for Switch owners with a Nintendo Switch Online account. Koopa Troopa will be made available to all players on November 30. Additionally, the development team has released a good amount of balance updates for the title’s online community.”

Developed by Camelot Software Planning and published by Nintendo for the Switch, Mario Tennis Aces was released worldwide on June 22, 2018. As of September 2018, the game has sold over two million copies worldwide, making it one of the best-selling games on the platform.

Aces adds several new mechanics to the Mario Tennis series. Using the motion controls of the Joy-Con, the player is able to initiate a “zone shot”, where the player can aim directly where the ball will go while the game enters a paused state. If the opponent counters the zone shot, their racket will take damage. When a racket is hit with a zone shot three times, it will break, forcing the player to forfeit the match if it is their last one.

The trick shot ability enables the player to quickly travel to where the ball will land. If the trick shot succeeds, then the player’s energy gauge will increase dramatically. However, it is easy to misjudge the timing and therefore is a risky move to make. Another ability available to players at the cost of their energy gauge is the special shot. To activate it, the player must have a full energy gauge.

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