THQ Nordic
THQ Nordic

THQ Nordic Will Announce 3 Titles Until June 7

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THQ Nordic is one of those lucky publishers that owns enough studios and valuable IPs that can surprise us at any upcoming event throughout the year, but the most important expo to come is E3 2019 and it seems THQ Nordic has heavily geared up for the show with bringing back poplar franchises such as Darksiders, but that’s not the only anticipated title to get revealed, Three days are ahead with three big announcements.

According to new tweet from THQ Nordic, the company is going to reveal three big titles on June 5,6 and 7 before we even reach the E3 event. First game will be revealed tomorrow at 10 AM EST, with the second one showing up on Thursday at 2 PM EST and the last one being premiered on June 7th again at 2 PM EST.

Since the company has the rights in hand for so many titles, it’s really tough to guess what’s going to get revealed through each day, but rumors are pointing to Time Splitters, while Darksiders is also a strong candidate, as it has previously confirmed to be at E3 2019.

If Darksiders be part of the upcoming program for 3 consecutive days, wait for a different title in comparison to what you’ve experienced in the past from the series, since the publisher announced that the new title for the series will guide the whole franchise to a new direction.

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