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The Wolf Among Us 2 Gets New Trailer
The Wolf Among Us 2 Gets New Trailer

The Wolf Among Us 2 Gets First Trailer

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After nearly a decade since the first title in the series was released, The Wolf Among Us 2 has finally received its first trailer, showcasing what everybody’s favorite big bad wolf, Bigsby, has been up to. The new game looks great, now running in the unreal engine, and picks up about 6 months after the first season of the story.

The trailer showcases Bigsby, now in anger management due to letting loose his wolf persona during a job. On top of that, he has been stripped of his role as the sheriff of Fabletown, with his love interest Snow White now acting as the deputy mayor.

The trailer showcases him arriving at a motel, following a big cloaked figure to his room. When arriving inside it is revealed that the cloaked figure is the Tin Man, with the target he is arresting being the scarecrow, both from L. Frank Baum’s The Wizard of OZ. A young red-headed woman sits in the room watching as a fight breaks out between the three men, and though is never explicitly stated this is most likely some version of Dorothy from the same source material.

The trailer sets up that this moment most likely happens early in the core story if at all, leaving the question of how much these characters will play into the overarching narrative. Justiposed with the fight (in which he goes full wolf) we also see moments of him opening up about the incident to a support group.

While no official release date was given, it was stated that this new game will be released through 2023, and it will consist of 5 episodes similar to the first title. While Telltale is involved in the game, after being revived by LCG Entertainment, the game is actually being developed by AdHoc Studio.

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