The Witness

The Witness Comes to Epic Games Store as a Free Game

Epic Games Store features a PSPlus or XBL like system that allows players to experience a selective game for free for two weeks. If you were aware of this, probably you’ve jumped into Oxenfree now, but if that’s not your type, wait for The Witness which is coming for free as of April 4.

The Witness is a puzzle game that sends you to an island with so many riddles to solve with different ways. The game developed by Thekla inc. for 8 years and finally released in 2016, receiving positive reviews by media for its gorgues graphical design and beatiful world filled with puzzles in all shapes and sizes.

If you haven’t played The Witness yet, don’t forget to download it on April 4 and if you have enough time for another game, still 13 days remain until the end of Oxenfree’s turn on its free period.

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