The Walking Dead: Onslaught
The Walking Dead: Onslaught

The Walking Dead: Onslaught Revealed for VR Platforms

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Telltale’s The Walking Dead finally come to an end with the undeniable collaboration of Skybound Games that took the baton for two last episodes while Telltale Games defunct last year. Clementine’s story in the world of The Walking Dead almost satisfied every fan that followed the franchise from 2012 and the award-winning debut for the series, but farewell with Clementine doesn’t necessarily mean a farewell to the its popular world, as AMC TV recently announced its close partnership with Survios studio to develop and publish a VR game based on The Walking Dead TV series.

The Walking Dead: Onslaught is the first game based on Robert Kirkman’s comics that will be coming to VR platforms. According to the first details of the game, Onslaught will mostly follow the story and events of TV series instead of comic books but anyway the game features its own original story that presents some of the well-known characters from amc’s popular series like Rick, Daryl and Carol.

Survios attempts to deliver a horrifying experience with a deep and engaging gameplay to keep you stuck to the game. As the development team revealed, The Walking Dead: Onslaught comes with a story-driven single player mode in which you have access to numerous weapons classified in ranged and melee attacks. The game also features a “progressive dismemberment” which is yet to be explained. During combats, your number one enemy is the zombie horde while fighting against some human factions and hostages is inevitable. Here you can check the announcement trailer of the game.

The Walking Dead: Onslaught will be available in Fall 2019 for VR platforms, which have not determined yet. However, its expected to see more of the game at E3 2019.

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