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VGA 2018: Anthem New Story Trailer

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VGA 2018: Anthem New Story Trailer

There is a new trailer for our favorite sci-fi action game Anthem, this trailer was presented a few minutes ago in The Video Game Awards 2018.

It is a story trailer and finally we have the opportunity to see the villain and various characters and their armors.

Also remember that the closed alpha for Anthem will be available for select players later this weekend.

Check out the Trailer:

The new trailer for EA’s third-person looter shooter showed off a story trailer for the upcoming game, finally giving a face to the evil in the world.

The new trailer helps give some additional context to the world of Anthem. While the developers have been hosting some livestreams on their own Twitch channel, this is a good look at how Anthem’s story will look once the full game is available.

Despite being a game more akin to Destiny than Dragon Age, Anthem will still strive to have a story and player choice within it. While these choices will only be visible to the player that made them’s world, the game aims to keep the dialogue focused gameplay that BioWare fans are used to intact for the most part.

Full Article At – Polygon

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