The Surge

The Surge gets brand new content today

The Surge gets brand new content today

The Surge gets brand new content today with the new expansion The Good, the Bad, and the Augmented, out today on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

The Good, the Bad, and the Augmented actually takes players to an abandoned Quality Assurance Lab in CREO. Players will battle their way through one Dr. Rischboter’s chambers, which recreate the Wild West.

Enter the bowels of the CREO facility and explore an old and abandoned Quality Assurance lab created to push CREO’s tech to the limit. Warren will face Dr. Rischboter’s deadly test chambers that, for some reason, feel torn straightout of a twisted Wild West TV show!

Cowboys, American Indians and Mexican bandits populate this atypical scenery – but whether they are accomplices of the mad doctor, or unfortunate victims of his madness, none has been spared by the ‘Surge’, and all will fight to the death. There’s a new Sheriff in town… and he’s got his hands full.

Fight through the mad doctor’s training rooms and try modifying them yourself for increased rewards by combining up to 4 of the 16 insane modifiers available. At the end of each stage, fight against distinct Challengers, powerful opponents forged from the training scenarios who are equipped with 30 unique new equipment pieces – armors, weapons, and implants – that you can take for yourself!

Check out the Trailer:

This will probably be the last we’ll see of The Surge before its sequel lands next year. While I wasn’t as keen on The Surge as some, I can still appreciate that it was a massive improvement over Deck13’s previous Lords Of The Fallen, and I’m eager to see how they plan on refining and expanding its world of gory mechanised combat. My hope: More bosses and more non-humanoid enemy types. At the end of the day though, seeing that hulking great cyborg cowboy lugging around a coffin just makes me oddly nostalgic for the oddball Gungrave on PS2.

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