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The Sinking City
The Sinking City

The Sinking City New Video Shows 15 Minutes of Gameplay

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Lovecraft’s books and stories were impressive enough to find its way through other mediums, including video games. Beyond everything that Lovecraft created, the world that he has drawn in his stories isn’t something that directors in other mediums could ignore it, specially if they are working on a title within supernatural horror genre. However, Lovecraftian games aren’t always able to achieve the goals behind the studio’s thoughts, but Frogwares, the team behind Sherlock Holmes video game series, is eager to bring a breath-taking experience of a Lovecraftian world and story with The Sinking City.

While players should’ve been played The Sinking City so far, Frogwares decided to delay the game and release it in the last week of June instead of March. Anyway, the development has provided you a new video in collaboration with Game Informer, to showcase 15 minutes of the game’s gameplay in which you get to know the world, characters and mechanics in a more detailed way, but keep it in mind that watching the trailer below will spoil you some story events.

The Sinking City follows the story of an investigator who travels to Oakmont in Massachusetts and encounters with some supernatural events that are affecting the city and its inhabitants in a mysterious way. While the investigator himself is somehow triggered with his own horrifying visions, tries to find out what causes him and people within the city to behave strangely.

The Sinking City features different gameplay mechanics like reconstructing the crime scenes, in order to give you more abilities during your missions to solve problems correctly and choose wisely.

The Sinking City is set to be released on June 27 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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