The Sinking City

The Sinking City Gets a Lengthy Gameplay Footage Showing Lots of Investigating Stuff

After getting delayed for 3 months, The Sinking City will be launching next week. The third-person story-driven adventure title will take to Oakmont for investigating on some mysterious murders that have happened there. The more you stay at the place, the more you notice some supernatural powers that are surrounding the city while affecting the behaviors of inhabitants and also implying you some mind-bending visions.

The new gameplay footage which is provided thanks to a YouTuber, showcase almost one hour of the gameplay in which you are going through a mission to investigate a murder case in a rainy evening of Oakmont in early 1900s. While no combats are shown through this footage, we get to see different mechanics in searching the area for multiple clues and also using a supernatural vision to find footsteps of an unknown creature in these murders.

Along with the actions above, lots of dialogue choice moments are also provided in game that depending on your decisions will guide you through different paths. Here you can check out the trailer but be aware of spoliers:

The Sinking City will be coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC on June 27.

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