The Sinking City

The Sinking City Gets 12 Minutes of Gameplay

While players were supposed to jump into Oakmont, Massachusetts to investigate in a Lovecraftian world in 1920s almost one month ago, Frogwares studio decided to delay the release date for The Sinking City and launch the game in June. However, the development team posts more gameplay trailers in road to release in order to share more of the game’s mechanics and aspects, while playing main missions of The Sinking City.

The new trailer for Frogwares’ upcoming title tries to showcase elements from different genres within the game that when join together, gives a complete phase to the gameplay of The Sinking City. From shooting with guns to solving puzzle with little clues, all are different parts of the game’s mechanics that deliver a wide variety of actions to do in your way through completing objectives.

In The Sinking City, you play as Charles who is an investigator with a mysterious mission in Oakmont. You are tasked to discover the origin of a supernatural force that bleeds into people’s minds and affects their life, meanwhile a mysterious flood is coming forward to take over the city and in between, Charles sees mysterious visions throughout his journey in the city. Here you can check the new trailer that shows off investigations, supernatural abilities and some shooting skills of the protagonist:

The Sinking City will be launching on June 27 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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