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The Pegasus Dream Tour
The Pegasus Dream Tour

The Pegasus Dream Tour Announced by Former Director of Final Fantasy XV

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Olympics and Paralympics are going to be held at Tokyo during summer in 2020 and all the athletes from different fields are working hard to achieve the certification to take part in the biggest sports event of the world. On the other hand, most of us get the vibe of the tournament and wish to be able to watch it or even be on the field of competition, and video games are here to give you what you have been dreaming. The Pegasus Dream Tour is a new sports game with a special focus on Paralympics, announced by official committee of the tournaments to be released in 2020.

According to Paralympics Committee, recently founded JP Games is working on The Pegasus Dream Tour and the game will distinguish itself from previous Olympics-related titles with taking the sports theme into RPG genre. Hajime Tabata, director of Final Fantasy XV, is now leading JP Games and will direct The Pegasus Dream Tour. The game will follow an epic tale of sports heroes in “an alternative Paralympics world,” where you are going to see some extra-ordinary powers that “only video games can achieve” With the director’s great history of work on RPG titles, it seems Tokyo 2020 is determined to deliver something totally different, specially by emphasizing Paralympics, which has never got any considerable title within the past years.

The Pegasus Dream Tour will be that of JP Games debut on developing video games, and to be honest, it seems they have found a great opportunity with massive supports to develop something that will be an iconic title for both the tournaments and Tokyo 2020. No exact release date nor target platforms have been revealed yet.

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