The Pathless Releases For PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC, And iPhone On November 12th.

The Pathless Releases For PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC, And iPhone On November 12th.

The Pathless, the next adventure game coming from developer Giant Squid and publisher Annapurna Interactive, is digitally available today, November 12th, as a PlayStation 5 launch title, as well as PlayStation 4 and PC via the Epic Games Store for $39.99. The game also comes to the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV through Apple Arcade. The game will release on November 19th for PlayStation 5 in Europe. 

Annapurna, the developers behind ABZU, is back with its newest unique, minimalist, adventure game in The Pathless. The game has players become the Hunter, an elite archer who takes upon the quest of ending the evil of the world by traveling to a mystical island to shut away the evil for good. With the Hunter’s resolve bolstered by her eagle companion, the duo hunt corrupted spirits on their way to bring balance back to the world. 

The Pathless is an open world, mythic adventure game, set in a vast forest. You play as the hunter who, along with your eagle companion, seeks to lift a curse of darkness that plagues the world. The hunter is a master of archery. She can shoot talismans to fill her dash mature, which allows to bound across the landscape. Fluid, dynamic movement is at the core of the Pathless, so the game’s unique take on archery is all about timing, not aiming down sights. This design was critical to making it possible to shoot even while moving fast and performing acrobatic maneuvers. 

The gameplay walkthrough shows the Hunter using the eagle to glide with well timed arrows.  “With help from the eagle, you can even fly. Bond between the Hunter and eagle is central in The Pathless. You can gain altitude while you glide by flapping. Make sure you pet the eagle to keep it clean and in good flying condition.” 

The video shows the Hunter solving various puzzles, including lining up shots to light a row of torches on fire and positioning the character in a place where she can shoot through multiple goalposts to unlock ability modifiers. There’s no map in The Pathless. Instead, the Hunter uses her mask to enter the Spirit world, revealing landmarks from a distance and showing where the player has and hasn’t been.  

Two physical editions of The Pathless are coming to the PlayStation 5 on December 8. As is custom with Annapurna’s beautiful soundtracks, it is releasing a vinyl soundtrack for The Pathless early next year, available for pre-order at

The Pathless is available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC, and iPhone today, November 12th.

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