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The Outer Worlds artwork
The Outer Worlds artwork

The Outer Worlds DLC Coming Next Year

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Even though fans already expected it, Obsidian has announced that The Outer Worlds will be receiving story related DLC next year. That is all they have said about it for now, but more details about the future of Halcyon will be revealed at a later date.

This news came from a post made by Shyla, who is a social media manager for Obsidian. She took this opportunity to thank the team that made the game as well as fans for helping them get nominated for Best Narrative, Best Performance – Ashly Burch, Best RPG, and Game of the Year at the 2019 Game Awards. Even though they didn’t win any of the awards they got nominated for, the team was proud of their accomplishments and can’t wait to continue to please fans with their game.

The post also includes some banter between the game’s directors, Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky:

Leonard: “We just wanted to personally thank our team for doing a wonderful job and our fans for their tremendous support. And Tim would like to say what an honor it was to work with me.”

Tim: “Whatever, Leonard. Now that we’ve finished, I expect that certain photographs will be destroyed, as per our agreement.”

It’s always good to see a game development team that gets along so well because that is always portrayed through their work. It would definitely explain why the game got nominated for so many awards and has such a dedicated fanbase.

Even though The Outer Worlds was so highly-praised, it did have one glaring flaw of being too short. While this encourages replayability, it is understandable that fans want more from such a well-constructed universe. The devs most likely decided now was a good time to announce the DLC in order to keep interest in their game peaked.

Fans can’t wait to have the opportunity to explore more of Halcyon, so the sooner the DLC comes out next year, the better.

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