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The Next 18 Months of Microsoft

The Next 18 Months of Microsoft

Sea of Thieves and State of Decay 2 were both critical failures, however, they were also commercial successes so it’s a half and a half situation. Not bad, but not terribly good either. It’s a lot more important for a publisher to have commercial success (sales) over a critical success (reviews/opinions), obviously, in a perfect world, you’d want both. With that being said, Microsoft still has a lot of room to improve their gaming portfolio and give a reason to why consumers must purchase an Xbox One X or just anything Xbox Brand related and why it’s a superior system to the PlayStation 4.

Microsoft has an amazing machine the Xbox One X, a superior online service with much better social features, but they are missing a good quality portfolio. Don’t get me wrong, Gears of War 4, Halo 5: Guardians Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive, and Rare Replay are quite solid titles, but it’s just not enough and not on the same level as God of War or Bloodborne. Another issue is that it’s taking quite long for them to release any of their big budget games and gamers do not like waiting for too long and when the games do come out they do not deliver and that’s a problem. Constant delays also plague Microsoft’s upcoming game releases such as Crackdown 3. The game was announced back in 2014 and was slated to launch with the Xbox One X launch date in November of last year. Meanwhile, another anticipated game like Scalebound which many people bought an Xbox One for ended being canned completely leaving the fans confused, disappointed and angry.

So how can Microsoft fix this problem? By announcing a solid line up, delivering it on time and have the games meet or even surpass the fans expectations. Here is our hot take and discussion on what the next 18 months of Microsoft are looking like and what we can possibly expect at E3 2018.

We will be attending Microsoft’s E3 Xbox Media Briefing 2018 next month, so make sure you stay tuned to Gaming Instincts for the latest updates, preview impressions of unannounced titles and interviews.




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