The Division 2
The Division 2

The Division 2 Will Not Be Available on Third-party Digital Retailers After Release

After snowy Winter in virus-affected New York in The Division, now it’s time to help people of Washington to survive within the post-apocalyptic world, surrounded by hostiles who try to make use of the uncontrollable situation of the country. Although there are just 4 days ahead for the players to enter the shared-world of The Division 2, It seems that PC gamers will not be able to purchase the game from 3rd-party digital retailers.

It all comes from some third-party retailers like Green Man Gaming and Gamesplanet, in which customers have been informed that The Division 2 will be removed from store at the day of release. Recently, Ubisoft announced that the game will be an Epic Games Store exclusive in case of running platform on PC, but players were not told that The Division 2 won’t be available on other retailers after launch and Ubisoft has not made any official statements yet.

Aside from how it will affect the consumers in terms of where to buy the game, it also interrupts the after-purchase supports of the retailers for customers, as Gamesplanet pointed out:

We won’t be able to solve some support requests (e.g. key activated on the wrong Ubisoft account) after March 15th, as we won’t have any more keys to exchange/swap. Please address your support requests to Ubisoft directly for such cases.

Regarding this, if you want to purchase The Division 2 from your trusted retailers, you’ve got only 4 days to pre-order it.

It’s not clear yet what’s behind this decision but it seems there would be an agreement between Ubisoft and Epic Games to limit the options for the players. It’s obvious that both retailers and players are not happy by the on-going policy, but we should still wait for an official explanation from Ubisoft.

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