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The Division 2 Developer Unintentionally Leaks Open Beta

The Division 2 Developer Unintentionally Leaks Open Beta

During a livestream on The Division 2’s Twitch channel, an Ubisoft’s developer slip his tongue and confirmed that an open beta will come soon.

The developer was speaking about bugs that were part in the private beta, he said that those would be fixed before the open beta releases.

The Division’s Twitch channel has been running 24/7 livestreams since the start of the private beta, with members of the development team, QA and community all taking turns running the show.

The original game followed a similar schedule, with a closed beta in January, and an open beta in February. The timeline is a little different for The Division 2, given its March 15 release date compared to the first game’s March 8.

The Division 2’s open beta will likely take place very late in February, or early in March. Ubisoft previously ran open betas for its major games just days before launch, so that’s also a possibility.

The Division 2 is scheduled to release for PS4, Xbox One and PC on March 15th. The latest information we got from Ubisoft was about the campaign mode and the end game.

Creative Director Julian Gerighty revealed that The Division 2 will get players on a 40-hours campaign mode, but when players finish the main story a new faction called The Black Tusk gets unlocked.

Ubisoft has not made an official announcement or statement about the open beta, but we surely will hear something about it in following weeks so keep it tuned to Gaming Instincts for the latest updates on The Division 2.

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