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The Division 2
The Division 2

The Division 2 Dark Zone & Conflict Trailer Revealed

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The Division 2 Dark Zone & Conflict Trailer Revealed

Ubisoft has just revealed a gameplay trailer which explains a new dynamic, server-wide events called Occupied Dark Zones for The Division 2, each delivers a unique narrative along with new play-styles:

  • Dark Zone East—the largest of all three Dark Zones, players utilize long sight-lines in over-grown governmental parks.
  • Dark Zone South—the smallest of the Dark Zones, emphasis is placed on close-quarters combat. Sight-lines are easily broken with large interiors and choke points.
  • Dark Zone West—split into two parts by a large canal, Georgetown is characterized by medium-range engagements and features European style architecture.

Ubisoft has confirmed that Dark Zone will work with a 12 players, they also reduced the overall size of the Dark Zone by thirds to increase player density. Ubisoft promises that this will improve the experience and make the experience “more fulfilling”.

The Division 2 Private Beta from February 7th until February 11th.

During these events, all expected Dark Zone rules change. The concept of SHD and Rogue are completely gone; you are simply a player trying to reap the best rewards in our most hardcore environment. This translates to no Rogue states, a limited notification system, friendly fire active, and no normalization, allowing you to utilize every ounce of your build.

While one Dark Zone is Occupied, the other two operate under expected behavior. These end-game events are designed to be some of the greatest risk/reward opportunities in The Division 2.

What’s more, each Dark Zone reacts to player activity and engagements as you traverse the zone. If you are taking part in an activity in the northern section of a Dark Zone, events will begin appearing elsewhere to create draw in those areas and balance out the region. You need to be cognizant of your surroundings, as every Agent knows situational awareness goes a long way.

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