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The Council Epiosde 3 ‘Ripples’ Launches July 24

The Council Epiosde 3 ‘Ripples’ Launches July 24

History conspiracy adventure game The Council will be getting its third episode on July 24, for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. This episode is 3 of a total 5, first releasing on March 13 this year and continued launches planned throughout the remainder of 2018.

Episode 3: Ripples continues the story of Louis de Richet as plots are laid bare, characters reach their breaking point, and an unexpected, terrifying truth is uncovered. It will take all of Louis’ influence to prevent the situation from growing out of hand.

The Council has already enthralled players and press alike with a deep and captivating story featuring intricate characters and smart writing. The innovative concept brings the genre beyond its boundaries and allows for meaningful choices with impactful consequences.

In the first screenshots for this latest episode, follow Louis as he wanders unexplored areas of the mansion, and ultimately comes face-to-face with his future. Who will you side with? Who can you trust? Your fate is still yours to make.

Owners of the Complete Season or the Season Pass can play Episode 3 on July 24. Episode 3 will be available as a single episode two days later, on July 26.

The Council Episode 3: Ripples, releases July 24 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

The Complete Season will include a total of five episodes, with new episodes releasing regularly in 2018.

Check out some Screenshots:

The Council has seen mixed reviews, likely on account of its rough-around-the-edges execution that seems to be indicative of games published by Focus Home Interactive. As with many of their other publications, however, there’s definitely a lot of charm here, and those that enjoy it really enjoy it. Episodes 1 and 2 are available now on Steam and for Xbox One and PS4, and you can buy episode 3 on July 26 – owners of the Complete Season or Season Pass will be able to play it on July 24.

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