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The Coalition Will Use Unreal Engine 5 For Upcoming Projects

Xbox Game Studios‘ The Coalition announced to be using the Unreal Engine 5 for multiple new projects.

In a blog post, The Coalition said, “We’re excited to start shifting our resources to next-gen development using Unreal Engine 5.”

At The Coalition, we pride ourselves on delivering the best possible Gears of War games and the best possible game performance using cutting-edge tools like Unreal Engine. We wanted to update our fans on both of those things.

Shifting to a new engine is a big undertaking, so we want to be clear that we will not be announcing any new projects or titles for some time.

The Coalition also affirmed that Gear 5 has new content in development by stating that Operations 7 and 8 are on development. Each Operation will have two drops including new characters, new maps, and special events.  The developer promises more store updates and “exciting new content” soon.

Recently it was reported that The Coalition is assisting 343 Industries with the development of Halo Infinite. The studio is also working on a new IP and a Star Wars Games.

The Coalition defines itself as a growing team of talented, creative, fun-loving professionals, united in their passion for Gears of War. As a Microsoft first-party studio, they focus on pushing “the limits of interactive entertainment and taking Gears to new heights.”

We believe that if you want to go far, go together. It takes a diverse team of people sharing a common vision to make a groundbreaking game. Mutual trust, a shared purpose, and the determination to overcome any obstacles together defines what it means to have a great team. We also believe that fun games can only come from teams that have fun! We take our work seriously, but not ourselves.

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