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State of Play
State of Play

The Best From State of Play August 6

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Today’s State of Play was full of third-party game announcements and updates. As it was announced by PlayStation, the forty minutes show did not reveal anything huge.

Check the State of Play presentation down below:

Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time: Developers Toys For Bob opened the presentation with an in-depth look at Insanity Beach, the gameplay video also showcases some of the skills that Crash will have. The game is confirmed to not have microtransactions, cosmetic items were shown but they can be acquired throughout the game.

Hitman 3: IO Interactive followed with the announcement that its game will feature PlayStation VR mode. All three Hitman games will support VR.

Braid: Anniversary Edition: An interesting trailer teased the vision of the development team, the live-action footage featured the pass of time. The classic indie gem is confirmed to launch in 2021 as a remaster.

The Pathless: Giant Squid’s The Pathless was shown with gameplay captured on a PS5,  the game which was announced at The Game Awards 2018  is coming to PS5 with several enhancements.

Spelunky 2: Creator Derek Lieu explained hoe the developers introduced new features while maintaining all the fun of the first installment. Spelunky 2 is launching on PS4 on September 15, 2020.

Aeon Must Die: Limestone Games and Focus Home Interactive explained why Aeon Must Die is a brand new take on the beat ‘em up genre. The game blends slick action combat with an existential sci-fi epic across the galaxy, the intense 2D action game is showcased with a Saturday morning cartoon aesthetic. It looks to be a dark and very stylish take on the genre, and it includes vehicular sequence and plenty of demonic enemies.

Anno Mutationem:  The game is a combination of 2D & 3D modes, action and adventure gameplay, sprites and polygons while throwing in some RPG-elements and letting the whole thing come alive amid a bustling cyberpunk world. The new trailer showcases one of the major cities players can explore.

Bugsnax: The mystery-solving game couldn’t miss the opportunity to showcase some of its unique features and music, the game features a first-person point of view as players take the role of a journalist, investigate the island and learn about the various Bugsnax occupying it.

Star Wars: Vader Immortal: The VR game is confirmed to launch for PlayStation and Oculus devices, players will be able to master the force and the lightsaber skills on August 25.

Control: A new expansion was announced, Awe is releasing on August 27, short for Altered World Event, which occurs when para-normal forces breach our world. Director Jesse Faden has to enter the sector to chase down a mysterious being that’s been stalking this long-abandoned area for years. In order to reclaim the Investigations Sector from the clutches of this creature of darkness, Jesse will need to explore the numerous Altered World Events investigated here, including one from the town of Bright Falls.

Hood: Outlaws & Legends: Sumo Newcastle and Focus Home Interactive announced that the medieval game is coming for PS5, featuring dark and dreary, and “wraiths” who brag about being able to bypass defenses to strike their enemies. Hood: Outlaws & Legends reimagines the Robin Hood legend for more mature audiences.

TemTem: The Pokemon-like game was showcased, the game is known on PC, for its online play and an easy-to-use communication system. It is coming in 2021.

GodFall: The action-RPG was the last announcement of the show,  Keith Lee CEO, Counterplay Games introduced a new trailer captured on a PS5 development kit, the gameplay showed off a fast-moving combat system.

It’s rumored that PlayStation will host a different State of Play presentation in August to discuss the price of the PlayStation 5. Stay tuned at Gaming Instincts via Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook for more PlayStation news.

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