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Inside Xbox
Inside Xbox

The Best From Inside Xbox April 2020

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Xbox hosted the first Inside Xbox episode of 2020, the event showcased a closer look at the single-player campaign in Grounded, the latest Xbox Game Pass games were revealed, Xbox Series X tech was also discussed and finally Gears Tactics information was announced.

The main star of today’s Inside Xbox was Grounded, Obsidian Entertainment announced that the game will enter Xbox Game Preview with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Steam Early Access on July 28, 2020. In Grounded, players wake up in a suburban backyard, shrunk to the size of an ant. The game starts as the players hear the voice of a mysterious robot named BURG.L. He knows about a machine to turn the characters back to normal size, the problem is that the machine is broken. Players will have to be careful, as everything in the backyard will be able to kill the children. Players will be able to play co-op with friends in order to get a better chance of surviving.

A new story trailer was launched, take a look at it right here:


Typhoon Studios participated in the event, they revealed that the Journey to the Savage Planet DLC, Hotline Miami Collection is getting a surprise Xbox One release, an unveil at The Last Campfire,also took place, the game is the newest project from Hello Games.

Major Nelson sat down with Jason Ronald, Director of Product Management of Xbox Series X, he talked about what makes Xbox Series X the best console for the next generation, together, they discussed everything from graphics technology like DirectX raytracing and variable rate shading to audio processing, Quick Resume and storage options.

PC players were not forgotten, the Xbox Game Bar continues its evolution as it was announced that, Insiders will have access of apps from partners like Razer, XSplit and Intel directly from Xbox Game Bar through new widgets. This means that Microsoft will change the way that Xbox Game Bar is activated during gameplay, currently Alt+Tab is needed to separate apps while gaming.

Project xCloud will receive three more games from EA, The Sims 4, Unravel Two, and Dragon Age: Inquisition. It was also announced that Project xCloud preview will be heading to 11 new countries across Western Europe.

Stay tuned at Gaming Instincts via Twitter, YouTube and Facebook for more gaming news.

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