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Castle Crashers Another Tease For PS4
Castle Crashers Another Tease For PS4

The Behemoth Teases Castle Crashers Yet Again, This Time For PS4

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No, this isn’t a duplicate article. News came yesterday that Castle Crashers developer The Behemtoh had teased an image via Twitter that screamed the critically acclaimed 2008 title was coming to the Switch. It now appears that the developer has more than just Nintendo on their mind, as a new teaser has appeared that invokes the game is headed to the PS4 as well.

And for those wondering where the pink colored player is from the Castle Crashers universe, they have that covered in a response to a user’s comment.

While the game is more than ten years old, the side-scrolling action game is still a very desirable title. With this latest tease, it may seem like we’re getting a full blown remaster to current gen consoles, rather than just a straight port to the Switch console, which is what yesterday’s tweet seemed to indicate.

Along with the four (five) PS4 controllers colored to match the characters in Castle Crashers, a caption came with the new image that states “See you Tuesday for more things…”. And if that wasn’t enough of a teaser, the image also displays outlines of what unmistakably seems like the helmets of the playable characters in the game.

As for now, we’ll just have to wait a few more days to see what the developers at The Behemoth are gearing up to reveal. Stay tuned for more on the official announcement set to arrive this Tuesday.

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