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Castle Crashers Teased For Switch Release
Castle Crashers Teased For Switch Release

Castle Crashers Potentially Teased For Switch Via The Behemoth’s Twitter

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Very recently, acclaimed developers The Behemoth shared a rather enticing image on their official Twitter page. Displaying four Switch Joy-Con controllers, each one was a different color which appears to represent the character aesthetic of their hit 2008 title, Castle Crashers.

While this is merely a tease, it does appear to make sense to bring over the immensely popular co-op action title. And the color scheme certainly seems much more reminiscent to Castle Crashers over their most 2018 game, Pit People.

The 2D side-scrolling beat em’ up action would be a perfect fit for the unique hybrid console. And with the game featuring up to four player co-op and a simple control scheme, the Switch may just be the best option yet to enjoy the incredibly fun action-arcade game.

While most fingers are currently pointing towards a Castle Crashers port, this doesn’t exactly rule out something else being worked on by the studio for the Switch. Maybe the long awaited sequel, though, that doesn’t seem very likely at this point. Whatever the case, it does seem likely for the team to bring over the beloved classic gameplay to the popular Switch console with a design that perfectly fits the mold of Castle Crashers game design.

Stay tuned for more details on the ongoing story circling The Behemoth.

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Source: Nintendo Everything

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