The Avengers Project
The Avengers Project

The Avengers Project Will Be Revealed at E3 2019

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After highly anticipated ending for Avengers movie series came to theaters recently, now Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix are beginning to start a new era for Marvel superheroes in video games. The Avengers Project will be officially announced at E3 2019, according to the game’s creative director at Crystal Dynamics.

Confirmed for the first time back in 2017, The Avengers Project revealed as the next upcoming title of Crystal Dynamics, and while we were awaiting to see the first sight of the game earlier, Marvel and Square Enix have decided to unveil their anticipated game in the following E3.

While there is no official information on The Avengers Project, it’s expected to see a game as big as the Avengers movie series, including most of the popular superheroes as playable characters, though it’s a little bit hard to guess who will be the main antagonist standing in front of the powerful team of heroes.

Square Enix’s conference at E3 2019 goes live on Monday June 10th at 6 PM PT. Along with revealing The Avengers Project, we are waiting for new details on Final Fantasy VII Remake and other anticipated games that are being developed under the wing of Square Enix.

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